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Account preservation post.

But also I've suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of loss regarding HP fandom. I'm not in it anymore, haven't been for at least half a decade, but I never thought I'd see the day where I couldn't get in touch with fabulous people I met during my time in it. Emails bouncing and whatnot.

If any of you on my friends list come across this post one day in your future please, please drop me a comment. I will always do my best to keep this account active (as you can see from by the gap between this post and the last). It's a piece of my history, a piece that I'm not necessarily ashamed of.

I'm on facebook and tumblr ( http://www.tumblr.com/blog/alittlestardustcaught). Look me up, guys. I'd love to reconnect with you special people again.

Sarah x

The End

I have finished reading the 7th Harry Potter book and I will never read another new one again. And it hurts so badly. It was so... perfect. No book has made me go through the rollercoaster of emotions like this one did. I only finished reading twenty miutes ago and came straight to LJ. Although I haven't updated in more than a year, I read my friends list every time I came online, just to check up on you guys. I started this LJ because of Harry Potter fandom and it is fitting that I leave it as I have left the last Harry Potter book and hence, my childhood.

I probably won't update again. But I will continue to look at my friends list. This is my real goodbye. Thank you for all coming on this rare, once in a life time journey with me that has lasted years. I was a girl when I entered the HP universe and fandom and I'm now a woman, who has acheived much in my short amount of time.

If you still want to keep in contact, I'm a regular on Facebook. Email me and I'll give you my real name if you have an account there.

Thanks guys. For everything.

Jun. 10th, 2006


Fractured toe. Oweeee and also very annoyed. No work or graduation performance rehearsals for me.

Trust me to get so enthused I break something.

But no work today is good because it allows me to watch Doctor Who tonight... gearing myself up to wet my pants from fright. I also have to gear myself up to make the very painful walk to Boots to acquire some Ibupofen.
This has been my first update in a loooong time, since December actually, but I'm not going to apologise because I've been uber busy and also, who cares if I've updated or not? :) Is LJ still alive?

This past six months have been spent auditioning, completing essays, auditioning again, researching dissertation, working on the show-from-hell, dealing with family, and auditioning some more.

So I'll let you in on my good news.

I got a place in Transitions Dance Company. :)

This is a post-graduate performance company which allows me to complete my Masters at the same time as touring works by recognised choreographers. From February to July they tour throughout the UK, Europe and towards the summer months go to the ends of the earth, this year they're going to Taiwan and Hong Kong. The year also contributes to the 2 years professional experience that most mainstream companies look for when hiring, so it's giving me a solid step up.

So I'm uber-psyched. :)

On Tuesday I handed in my dissertation (and although only at 6000 words has caused me the world of grief, trying to find elements of Christianity in present contemporary dance is not fun) which I wrote in three days. The past few months I've had some amazing marks from my technique modules and also my contextual modules, most of them firsts.

I also experienced my first funeral on Thursday, my Grandad's, which was everything I expected a funeral to be.

Bad stuff with my brother's going on, but I'm not going into it.

My eyes have been opened to the goodness that is Doctor Who! Love it, love it, love it. Pure entertainment, brilliant! Getting on board with the Tennant-love as well. (Went out at bought Series 1 on DVD on Friday for £70. How gutted was I when I saw Amazon selling it for £45 free delivery? Very.)

My 21st birthday has been booked. Hotel in Russell Square has been booked to stay in (for all of us) on a Friday and Saturday night. Tickets booked for the London Eye and a table booked for The Ivy, on the Saturday and then an expedition to the Tower of London on the Sunday (my Birthday's the Saturday). I don't like having parties for myself, hate it in fact, so I compromised with my mother in doing lots of stuff for my 21st by keeping it between the four of us and doing touristy things. Yay!

Right now I feel weirded out by the lack of work I have to do. All my assessments are over (my degree is now out of my hands) essays have been handed in and I'm on a three week break from work (old show finished, new show coming in). I've grown used to the bouncing-on-my-toes, nervy anticipation that's been a constant in the past 6 months. Note the mood.

And that's it. Forgive me for the shortness of this update considering the length of my absence but I'm only remembering the important stuff to me. Am hoping that updates can be more frequent from now on.

Dec. 6th, 2005

I've been absent from LJ a long time. Yeah, okay, there's been the odd 'poke your nose in' entry but to be quite honest they're pathetic compared to the time when it was an entry every two days.

My assessments are over. This term is nearly over. This bitch from hell, scratch my eyes out, ears bleeding term. Thank fuck.

But I have done things. I have started going to the cinema on my own, found RL Potter friends, met famous people and made leaps and bounds in my dance training. I just haven't been posting about them.

I'm not going to miss college. I leave in July and I know I'm not going to look back on these years with fondness. I'll acknowledge they've been character building and made me a better dancer and given me a degree from a reputable institution but to be quite honest the college and everyone in it can go take a running jump because I've paid for those things I've just listed.

God, I'm boring myself.

In other news, just last week I met John Major, the Monarchy of Denmark, Jeremy Irons and Farmer Hoggett from Babe. :)

And yes I've seen the Potter film. Extremely impressed but why, oh, why did I cry at a Potter film? Embarrassing, no?
Home for the weekend which meant I had unlimited time on the computer to watch the GoF premiere streaming. I only have a few things to say.

1. Dan is too jumpy and bubbly for my liking, he could learn a few things of of Rupert.

2. WTF was Emma wearing? Perhaps taking the vintage theme that's so popular this autumn a tad too far.

3. How gorgeous was Bonnie? I thought she beat Emma by far.

4. I want Katie Leung's dress.

After two weeks of being AWOL doesn't this insightful and meaningful post make up for my absence? :)

GoF tickets booked for the Leicester Square Odeon on Thursday the 24th of November to avoid the kiddie rush. Mwa ha ha ha, I will walk around all of Leicester Square tracing the imprints of the rich and Potter-famous, ha ha ha.

Anyone seen the trailer for Narnia? So good. *drools*

Oct. 15th, 2005

Currently at home with the parents and brother after an emergency train ride home from London Thursday night.

I have flu and an ear infection. Woe.

No work, no college, lots of TV and cups of tea.

Good thing: can watch morning cartoons which means catching Harry Potter stuff, can doze on the sofa with feather pillows and duvet, can live in my pyjamas, no college, no work.

Bad things: Being in the above situation when neighbours make impromptu drop-in's to use toilet as they're having work done on their's this weekend. And stay for a cup of coffee.

Sore throat and bunged up ears = ouch. :(

I not dead, just lazy.

Yes. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

I have been in London all of this summer doing SWEET FA. My work starts at seven in the evening so I've been waking at 2 in the afternoon and just basically pissed about watching a Place in the Sun and that kind of crappy telly.

I have been too lazy to get to an internet cafe (a three minute walk from me) to converse with you lot. Or even wax lyrical about my holiday in Monaco. Which I must do.

Excuse for the past four weeks... riveted to THE ASHES, BABY! About bloody time for the men's AND women's team. Don't forget the women's team. They've been without longer, haven't they? Since the sixties? Or did I hear wrong?

However, I have been doing class at half eight in the morning for the past week before college starts in two weeks. Am bleary eyed.

Going now as my bladder is full to bursting after drinking about two pints of coffee.

And to sign this post off with at least one regard to other people: I know it's late but I hope everyone on lj who got mixed up in Hurricane Katrina is ok. I don't really know what else to say or do about this as I don't want to put my foot in it. My thoughts are with you.

Jul. 26th, 2005

Flew in from Nice yesterday evening and immediately started on HBP. Just one comment below the tag.

Yikes.Collapse )

Will try and join in with conversations about HBP but time is limited as I'm back in London tomorrow and starting work.

Hark at me coming back from a two week holiday in Monaco and I start talking Potter. Monaco was hot. And gorgeous. Will describe later.


Everyone at my college is perfectly healthy, although that seems ridiculously lucky considering we're situated between the Kings Cross and bus blasts.

Unfortunately a friend of a friend is missing presumed dead in the Kings Cross carnage.